Success in Video Dating: Tips, Strategies, and Expert Advice

There is no arguing that the global pandemic has made our dating lives a little more complex, with our favorite date venues shuttered and social distance regulations in place. However, this does not mean that you should quit dating! We are lucky to live in a time when we can go on a date without leaving the house, thanks to digital video platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom.

Here are some pointers to assist you in having successful virtual dates if you decide to do so for a while:

Dress Up

You should still look and feel your best even if you’re not leaving the house. Put on your favorite attire instead of your PJs. Prepare as if you were meeting your date in person. 

Whether it’s applying make-up or curling your hair, dressing up will put you in the appropriate mood, make you feel more confident, and make the encounter feel more like a regular date.

Consider Your Backdrop

Make sure no dirty laundry is on display if you want your date’s first impression of your home to be nice! Clean up the area and select a well-lit and decorated location.

For example, you could choose a space that reflects your hobbies and interests; if you enjoy painting, you could place your favorite artwork in the background. This demonstrates your hobbies and a topic of conversation.

Choose a Flattering Angle 

Take the time to experiment with your camera to locate the optimal perspective. Set the laptop at eye level. Staring into your eyes is far more flattering than looking up your nostrils or at the top of your head!

Consider Lighting

Make sure your date can see your face; if your call is in the evening, place a lamp behind the screen so you’re well-lit, and your date can see you. If conversing during the day, position your camera near a window to capture the natural light. Good lighting and ambiance may make a big difference in your appearance.

Prepare Your Technologies Ahead 

Do not postpone all preparations until the last minute; being flustered about your date is not appealing! This step does not have to be complicated. It’s as simple as trying out the video chat app and smartphone device you’ll utilize for your date with your best buddy. 

That way, you’ll know it’s the most recent version, and your camera won’t have any issues. Otherwise, your efforts will be for naught if you appear pixelated to your date.

Test the video and sound beforehand to ensure the call goes as smoothly as possible. This will give you time to iron out any technical issues before your date.

Have a Good Time

Traditional dating usually involves some activity, whether a walk, meal, or drink, and virtual dating can be the same. Avoid making a date seem like an interview, and get creative. 

You can have a glass of wine/mocktail together, even cook the same recipe and have a meal together – see whose turns out best! You can still have fun even if you can’t be in the same room!


Ultimately, success in video dating is about approaching it with an open mind, genuine interest, and a willingness to adapt to unique circumstances. With the right mindset and these tips, you can navigate the world of virtual dating and increase your chances of finding that special someone, even in challenging times.

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