Helpful Tips on Keeping an Online Conversation Going

Starting a conversation with someone you’ve just matched with on a dating app can be exciting and intimidating. Knowing what to say and how to keep the conversation going can be difficult. But, if you take it one step at a time and follow some simple tips, you can ensure your conversation is both enjoyable and successful. 

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Although it’s important to get to know your match by asking them a couple of questions, always remember that the answer must not only stop with yes or no. You must ask them open-ended questions that require them to give more of a response. This will help keep the conversation going and ensure that it is engaging.

For example, instead of asking, “Have you already eaten?” it would be best to ask, “What was the best meal you had today?” This way, the other person will have the impression that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them, and they will be more likely to respond.

2. Share Something About Yourself

Having an online conversation on a dating app is not only about asking the other person questions. It’s also about introducing yourself and sharing something so the other person can learn about you better.

For example, if you are asked about your favorite hobby, you can tell the other person about it and explain why it is so special. Or, if you are asked about your favorite movie, you can tell them about the plot and why you like it. Sharing something about yourself allows the other person to get to know you better, making the conversation more meaningful.

3. Listen Carefully

Listening carefully is essential to have an online conversation on a dating app. This means focusing on what the other person is saying and responding accordingly.

Remember, listening is not just about reading the other person’s words. It is also about understanding their feelings and emotions behind them. This means that you must read between the lines of what they are saying and be aware of any subtle hints or cues they may be giving. When you listen carefully and respond thoughtfully, it shows that you are interested in the conversation and that you are taking the time to get to know the other person.

4. Compliment Them

Complimenting someone is ideal for showing your matched partner that you are interested in getting to know them better. It also shows that you are paying attention and taking the time to appreciate the other person.

Compliments can be as simple as telling them you like their profile picture or commenting on something they said that you found interesting. Whatever you decide to say, make sure it is genuine and heartfelt. This way, your match will know that you are sincere and that your words come from a place of respect and admiration.

Final Thoughts

Keeping an online conversation going is relatively easy when armed with the right tips. As long as you are prepared to take an interest in the other person and ask relevant questions, you can keep the conversation flowing. It is significant to remain open-minded and respectful of other people’s opinions and views. By following these tips, your online conversations remain interesting and engaging.

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