Signs That Help You Find Out If a Woman Is Attracted to You

It’s likely that you’ve seen YouTube and TikTok videos where some guy lists the body language cues that women use to communicate their attraction to you. Even while lists like these are amusing to make fun of, research indicates there may be some validity to them.

Over 200 single women were observed by psychologist Monica Moore over the course of a few months at events, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. She discovered over fifty-two behaviors among the ladies she observed when they are drawn to a man. 

Some women have their go-to flirtatious moves; they don’t have to use them all or in a specific order to show interest. The likelihood that a woman is attracted to you and would accept your advances increases as you see more of these signs and as she exhibits them more frequently.

If you’re having problems determining if a woman is attracted to you, the signs to look for are mentioned below, and they are validated by research.

Most Frequent Signals from an Interested Woman

  • She’s smiling at you.

  • She sends you fleeting glances.

  • She avoids your gaze when you turn to look at her.

  • She keeps a close lookout for you.

  • She touches her hair with her fingers.

  • She licks her lips.

  • She shows her neck.

  • She tilts her head in your direction.

  • She turns to face you while seated.

  • She lightly caresses your shoulder or arm.

  • She giggles when you speak.

  • She caresses any item in her hands.

The majority of the twelve signs listed above are smiles, direct eye contact, and frequent looks in both directions.

Contextualize Signals

Now, a socially awkward boob of a guy will remember a list like this and assume that whenever he observes a lady exhibiting any of these indications, she is attracted to him sexually. Indeed, research has shown that many males find it challenging to understand social cues, particularly those that are sexual in nature.

These cues are subtle and intricate. You must ensure that you understand them in light of the situation at hand. 

It’s quite similar to how you set baselines for what’s typical and then search for anomalies in a tactical situation to develop situational awareness. What holds true in battle also holds true in love.

One-Time Signals Are Insufficient

Similar to how seeing an anomaly in a tactical situation does not necessarily signal that there is a threat, a woman may not be interested in sleeping with you, getting married to you, or even going on a date with you if she exhibits seemingly romantic social cues. 

All it implies is that she first finds you attractive and is open to you initiating contact. That might be a dialogue, a dance, or your approach to her about a date. Nothing further.

So you invite her out again. She might get as near to you as she can without really making physical contact if that date goes well to indicate that she’s open to some physical intimacy. So, towards the conclusion of the date, you make the first move by grabbing her hand and kissing her.


Recognizing the body language clues that indicate a woman is not interested in you is just as crucial as knowing the indicators she exhibits when she is. You cannot be the guy who ignored the hint and is now the subject of #MeToo tweets.

Moore’s research not only noted the indications that a woman was interested in a man, but it also noted the indications that she wasn’t. 

If you approach a woman and try to make pleasant small conversation with her, but she won’t make eye contact with you, she isn’t interested. Not interested if she walks away from you, yawns, rolls her eyes, or starts chatting with someone else.

Do not assume that she is being evasive or that you can influence her by praising yourself, berating her, or doing pick-up artist techniques you read about from some obscure blog post. It won’t work, and you’ll only come across as desperate.

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