Do These to Get Online Video Dating Right from Day One

There are a few tips to remember when meeting someone online. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to get online video dating right, especially since they deal with factors you can manage on your end. They include:

Be Intentional

The goal of a video date should not be to feel the chemistry but to see if you enjoy spending time with the other person. If you do, you should meet in person to get to know them better and gauge chemistry.

Do Get Decent Lighting

Having good lighting when you are on a virtual date is crucial so that the other person can see you. You can use a ring light if you cannot sit in front of a window or a lamp. Otherwise, you’ll look like someone from the witness protection program.

Do Dress Up

When you’re getting ready for online video dating, think about what you would wear if you were going out on a regular date. You want to look your best, so take the time to do your hair and makeup and pick a nice outfit. 

Make sure your ensemble is free from wrinkles, so you look put together. Why not even dress up from head to toe just to be sure? Go the extra mile in looking great, and you’ll feel more confident when you meet your date online. Your ensemble will speak about the effort you put into it, even if it is just a virtual hangout.

Set up the Setting

When you’re setting up a video call for a date, try to make it feel as different from a work meeting as possible. Instead of sitting at your desk, put your laptop on your coffee table and sit on your couch. Show yourself from the waist or legs up, and make sure your background is clean and classy.

Doing these will also help you…

Bring the Energy

The energy level you project on camera is important! Try smiling more than usual and using your hands and body when you speak. To appear more energetic on your next video call, smile often and use animated hand gestures. Exaggerating your movements will help carry your energy through the screen.

Remember, positivity is key when going on a virtual date. You should avoid discussing negative topics, such as COVID-19 or politics. It’s also important not to ask about your date’s past relationships or mention your ex. Instead, focus on sharing what makes you happy and what you’re most passionate about. You can also try being creative by playing games, enjoying a glass of wine, or cooking dinner together.

This is also why a different setting is important. You won’t slouch or feel comfortable in a new environment, hopefully improving your energy.

Most Importantly

Have fun! Don’t stress too much about the actual date. If you two hit it off, great! If not, then don’t worry. You’ll have other chances. Just learn and move on.
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