Gorgeous Online Date Outfit Ideas to Make You Stand Out

A good few years have passed since we had to go outside to meet our date, it’s 2022 and we can go on our first dates from our couches, and let’s be honest: it can be tricky. Not everyone can be comfortable on dating apps with live video, so what better way to boost our confidence than by wearing something that makes us feel like our best selves?

It’s important to feel great about ourselves on a date, so we’ll provide you with these guidelines that can boost your confidence and make your date memorable!

1 – Choose Something Simple, but Spice It Up

Have the freedom to wear something comfortable and simple—jeans and a v-neck shirt are already a good mix. Add an accessory to that ensemble with shiny earrings or a bright-colored necklace, and you’re good to go. Remember, don’t overdo it with a bunch of accessories. One eye-catching accessory is all you need.

2 – Say No to Large Prints and Distracting Patterns

Large prints can take a camera’s focus on you, so it’s best to avoid them if a fuzzy video is not what you’re aiming for. Patterns can be distracting, too, so it’s best to let your date focus on you more. It’s great to opt for solid colors, and if you got something with earth tones, then that’s perfect.

3 – Something Familiar, Something That’s YOU

Something familiar, in this case, is something cozy for you. There’s no need to panic and search for the latest fashion trends. Your date is more inclined to know more about you. Pick an outfit that you feel more of yourself in, an outfit that can make a statement and make you feel great about yourself.

It’s nice to play around with what you already have in your closet, but if you feel like online shopping is the way to go, my top picks on what to look out for are:

  • Silk Pajamas: Have fun after a long day with a virtual sleepover! It’s something new and fun, and nothing says sophisticated and sexy as silk pajamas can.

  • Turtleneck: Show off your shape with a turtleneck that wraps around your body. It might not show skin, but it highlights your curves just fine.

  • Sweatshirt or Off-the-shoulder Jumper: You can never go wrong with a jumper; it’s cozy, and you can feel a little sexy by showing a little skin. 

A Racerback Dress: A racerback dress is a little mix of everything! Cotton already helps with the comfort factor, plus it’s sexy and fun!

Other Aspects to Consider

Aside from your outfit, you may also want to consider aspects that can flatter you in your virtual date. Here are some of them:

1 – Camera Placement

It’s preferable to have your phone or laptop camera directly at your eye level. It will not be a good look if it appears that you’re looking down to your date.

2 – Background

The fewer items you have on your background, the better! Find a space with an empty wall behind you. Your date can get distracted by the items that you have around, so it’s better to have all their focus on you.


Who says going on a dating app with live video can’t be fun? There are various ways to play around and mix things up with your date, especially the outfit that you decide on. At the end of the day, how you feel throughout the date is important, and that’s why you should be intentional with your outfit.
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