Proven Steps to Make Real Connection on a First Date

First dates can be incredibly awkward. You’re getting to know a complete stranger and hoping for the best. When you’re nervous, you might end up making small talk, laughing too loudly or not at all, and avoiding eye contact. You might also try too hard to make a good impression. At the end of the date, you’re left wondering if they like you as much as you like them. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to make a real connection on a first date.

Proven Steps to Make Real Connection on a First Date

1 – Smile and Make Eye Contact While Talking

Half the battle when it comes to making a real connection on a first date is looking your date in the eye and smiling. These are universally known as “nice guy” moves, but it’s even more important to do them on a first date. Smile genuinely and make sure you lock eyes during your interactions. It’ll let your date know that you’re paying attention.

2 – Be Up Front with Your Thoughts

You might be afraid to give too much away on a first date, but it can actually help your date feel more open with you. For example, if you’re at a restaurant and you think your appetizer was a little bland, say something. You don’t have to go overboard, but saying something that directly reflects your thoughts and opinions will give your date a better idea of who you are and your values. That is extremely important at the beginning of any relationship.

3 – Don’t Ask Too Much About Exes or Children

People have a tendency to get overly interested in their dates’ family lives, but it’s best not to be nosey on a first date. Don’t ask a lot of questions about their children or past relationships. If they want to share something about their family, it will come up in conversation.

4 – Keep the Conversation Going

It’s easy to get stuck in one-sided conversations, especially if your date isn’t very talkative. At the same time, you don’t want to keep the conversation going with too much chit-chat. Work towards a balance that feels natural to you, but avoid asking your date a lot of questions. That will make the conversation feel more like an interrogation, and it makes you seem insecure.

5 – Avoid Canceling on Your Date

It’s understandable to cancel on a date if something unexpected comes up, but don’t do it often. Even if your date isn’t that great, you should still go through with your plans. Don’t let your date see you as a flake or unreliable person.


As awkward as a first date can be, they’re important in the process of meeting new people and getting to know them. Not only do they let you get to know a complete stranger, but they can influence future dates. If you want to make a real connection on a first date, follow these suggestions. You never know, you might even find something worth holding onto.
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