Top 12 Online Dating English Terminologies You Need to Know

Do you want to date an English-speaking person? Are you meeting and chatting with potential dates through top video dating apps such as Zepeel

If so, you might have noticed that English-language online dating appears to have its language. What does it mean when someone asks you to “DTR” in a message? If they advise you to become an “FWB,” what should you respond with?

Online dating through the best online video dating app can be fun and safe if you are well-versed in dating terminology. 

So, make sure to get your notes and learn these top dating terms!


When you communicate with someone just frequently enough to keep them interested in you but not so frequently that they believe you are truly into them, you are benching. Although it’s a little nasty, people typically do this when seeking someone they like better.


This is comparable to benching. When you are a breadcrumb, you occasionally send flirtatious messages to someone but are unwilling to set up a date. People may engage in this behavior because they dislike admitting to another individual that they are not truly interested in them.

Kitten- and cat-fishing

Catfishing is the practice of using a dating website to pose as someone else. There can be a bad explanation for this occasion; they might be attempting to con you out of money. Catfishers frequently offer numerous justifications for not meeting in person or sending you a video message.

Fishing for kittens is somewhat unique. When someone does this, it’s to make themselves appear more intriguing or beautiful by creating an artificial profile. Photoshopped pictures or overstated accomplishments could be a kitten fishing red flag.


Define the Relationship is what this means. When someone requests that you DTR, they ask you to describe your relationship with them. Are you two together? Are you only dating someone? The other person is curious!


FWB, or “Friends with Benefits,” is an acronym. This refers to a situation where you enjoy casual sex but don’t want to settle into a more serious relationship.


You’ve been ghosted if the person you’ve been texting on a dating website suddenly stops replying. Additionally, it can imply that the person you see unexpectedly stops returning your calls or texts.


HAK is short for “Hugs and Kisses.” If you begin to form a friendly relationship with someone on the best online video dating app, it’s wonderful to say.

Love Bombing

When someone is overly loving right away, it’s called “love bombing.” They will shower you with affection, but you should be aware because once you get involved in a relationship, their generosity rarely endures.


This one means, “Let’s Meet in Real Life.” Someone wants to meet up with you if they message you are using LMIRL.

Slow Fade

Similar to ghosting, this. The other person does not abruptly quit communicating with you; instead, they message you less frequently until they stop.


It’s a variation on kitten fishing. However, some wokefishers will pretend to hold more progressive political ideals than they do rather than promoting exaggerated images or achievements on their profile.


Simply put, this asks, “Will You Call Me?” The other person is prompting you to call them.


Learning the language is the first thing to do if you want to date in 2022. Dating today has a strong online component thanks to the rise of dating apps and social media messaging services. And it has its own set of norms and language, much like all the other parts of our online lives (such as text speak, memes, and emojis). Remember the above popular dating terminologies so you can effectively use the best video dating apps such as Zepeel! 
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