How to Convince a Guy to Go Out on an Online Video Date

With the advent of Tinder and Grindr,  people have come up with creative ways to meet their match. One of which is through video chat. Now, how do you convince the guy to go through with your online video dating? 

If you are asking such a question, you should stay tuned. This blog will enumerate tips on how to persuade him to meet you online.

Look for Signs That They Are Interested

Before you set up your online video date, you should determine if he is interested. You can do this by doing a little research. Find out what he is looking for in a mate. Do they prefer to move the process a little fast or slow?

You can find out the answers through direct questions or their profile. You can also look for clues and signs that he is interested in you. They will tell you that he will go on to maintain a conversation with you and meet you on your online video chat date.

He will give you hints that he is keen on getting to know you better because guys are more straightforward in their approach, unlike girls. He will provide you with his personal information like where he lives and even the type of job he has. If you are lucky, he may ask you questions about your age and your interests, too.

Suggest a Video Date While You Are Chatting over the Phone

If you communicate over the phone, you can hint to him about the possibility of the video date. Tell him that you have something you want to show him or that you want to share something with him. Please do not divulge whatever you have to say over the phone. It should be first shared on a video date.

Do not be afraid to ask for a video date if you believe there is something important you should show him. It does not have to be dirty. If he does not know what you hint at, keep suggesting online video dating until it sinks in. It might take a few times or even more, depending on the situation.    

By asking him to go on a video date, you tell him that you are interested in him. You are also showing him that you are not a person who is not ready to meet him in person.

Invite Him to a Virtual Dinner Date

Inviting him out to dinner over an online video dating signifies that you are keen on getting to know him better. It is also a sign that you are interested in becoming more than friends.  

What you need to do is to invite him for dinner at a specific time. If he accepts, there will be no more back and forth messages. It means that he is ready to meet you. If he responds with excuses, you know he is not interested in you.


When you ask him for a video date, the goal is to meet him. You need to be clear about this. If you are interested in him, invite him for a video date. If he is a gentleman, he will meet you, but if he refuses, then he might not be that interested. 
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