Take Your Virtual Date Nights to the Next Level with These Unique Plans

In a time when social distancing has become the new norm, couples all over the world strive to keep the romance alive by going on virtual dates to bridge the gap. While platforms like Zoom make it possible to connect with your significant other despite the distance, there’s only so much you can do online, so it’s important to find ways to dial up the fun in your virtual dates. 

If you’re short on date ideas, then consider the tips below. Exploring new things is the best way to keep the sparks flying, so even with a screen in between you two, virtual date nights can feel like a lovely adventure.

Finding Ways to Make Virtual Date Nights More Engaging and Exciting

Tip #1: Go on a Virtual Tour to the Louvre, from the Comfort of Your Home

There’s so much to see and do online these days, and with the right tools, you can see it all without ever setting foot out of your home. From tours of the world’s most famous museums to scenic views of various cities, there’s something for every art lover. Here’s how to make it feel like you’re really there:

Share a virtual tour of the Louvre, where classical architecture is mixed with modern art. Take a stroll through the halls, appreciate the Louvre’s jaw-dropping Gallerie de Apollon ceilings, and feel the magic of the Grande Galerie all while practicing safe social distancing.

Tip #2: Take a Virtual Beach Walk and Visit Your Dream, Tropical Spots Online

Wish you were on the beach instead of staring at a screen? Take a virtual stroll along a beach, visit a tropical paradise, and enjoy the view of the colorful sunset. All you need is to press play, and you’ll get to experience all the beauty of a virtual vacation.

Whether you want to explore the Caribbean, bask in the bright sands of the Indian Ocean, or take a stroll on the Pacific coast, you can do all of the above from the comfort of your couch.

Tip #3: Get Fit Together and on Track of Your Fitness Goals by Joining Virtual Exercise Classes

Working out is one of the most effective ways to boost your mood, so if your relationship has a case of the winter blues, then why not get back into the groove with a dose of exercise. Get fit and healthy together by joining virtual exercise classes.

Tip #4: Watch Virtual Concerts Together

One of the best ways to strengthen your connection is to share common interests and activities. If you love music and you’re both a concert junkie, then watch your favorite artists perform together by tuning into virtual concerts.

If there aren’t any performances available, then you can swap playlists and chill the night away jamming to your favorite songs together.

The Bottom Line: Closing the Distance with Fun Virtual Dates

While going on a real date is always preferred, the fact is, it’s very difficult to put a relationship on hold just because you’re apart. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t put on your virtual dating shoes and enjoy the fun of being together.

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