Red Flags You Need to Watch For When Online Dating

These days, there are a ton of ways to meet new people, flirt, date, and even potentially find a significant other. Because of all the digital innovations at our fingertips, it’s not that difficult to pursue online video dating.

Of course, navigating the dating scene when everything is virtual requires some due diligence. You don’t want to end up dating a person hiding behind pretenses, after all. Here are some major red flags to watch out for when engaging in online dating.

Overly Curated Photos

One of the biggest red flags of all is when a person goes out of their way to edit, photoshop, or otherwise present an image that is not reflective of reality. 

Sure, everyone takes pictures for the ‘gram these days, so it’s not really surprising to only see photos that try to look elevated, artsy, and highlight the best parts of their life. However, you want to make sure you can see their actual personality through their pictures.

Aside from that, you want to make sure the photos are legit in the first place. Sometimes, stock photos and stolen images are the catfishing bread and butter that hook you in.

Lack of Personal Details on Profile

Your dating profile is the space where people get to know you immediately. It has basic information that can inform someone right away whether or not they think they will vibe with you. Zepeel lets users make a 30-second video to let a person express themselves, so you’ll want to use this to your advantage and see if the person you are eyeing is actually worth pursuing further.

Unfortunately, the remote nature of dating apps means that the door is also wide open for scammers. If a profile is blank, skip it. It’s likely something deceitful just lying in wait.

You also want to think twice before hitting someone up that keeps their profile details too minimal. If they don’t even take the time to set up their profile, perhaps they’ll also exert the same effort when you’re dating.

No Other Socials

You can even check this one out before you go through their profile. If a person only has their dating profile and no other social media, it’s a huge red flag.

Although privacy is important, you want to check if the person you’re planning to date actually has any platform that shows who their friends are and can confirm if the stuff on their profile is true. A good way to confirm that you are not speaking with someone fake or in that realm is by making use of Zepeel’s video chat feature to have a real-time conversation face to face without actually having to meet in person.

Overly Invasive Questions

Healthy eating is about setting boundaries. So, the first few interactions you have will be very indicative of how things may be with the person you are chatting with. 

The bottom line here is that people should not be asking overly invasive questions right from the bat. It’s a huge red flag if the person doesn’t even bother to think if what they’re asking is too personal or makes someone uncomfortable.


Even the best dating app you find won’t be free from the occasional bad seed that weasels its way through the cracks of a safe and fun platform. This is why it’s better to be smart about your choices and take some extra care when choosing to trust somebody you have met online. The extra effort is worth it, so you don’t get saddled with unwanted burdens and toxicity.

Zepeel is the best free video chat dating app on mobile. Download it now, make new connections, and see where love can take you!

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