Single on Valentines? 4 Tips to score a date today

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You may find that the next coming days will be tense, especially if you’re a hopeful single looking for the love of your life. Valentine’s is also the time when you fantasize more about dressing up, traveling somewhere far and romantic, and enjoying the days and nights with your future partner.

 However, finding a date is not always easy. If finding a Valentine’s date is a top priority for you right now, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover these four easy tips to help you score a date (and avoid being single on Valentine’s Day).

Swipe Away

Make a date using an app. Engage in social activities with your single buddies. There are more fashionable apps that can help you find a mate. You can always publish or upload photographs with catchy captions to social networking sites to avoid being alone on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the Food

If you know the person or are meeting them for the first time, dining out is a fantastic option. This, after all, is a gastronomic experience you shouldn’t miss out on. A good dinner promotes relaxation where you and your date could be open to getting to know each other more. To add, let them select where they want to eat or drink as this is a courtesy they’ll surely appreciate. You never know, maybe they can ask you out for a Valentine’s dinner date the next time!

Converse Wholeheartedly

You may avoid awkward silences by starting a conversation. It is okay to discuss your hobbies, travels, and job. Do you want to laugh with me? Take a chance. A lover’s wit is a desirable characteristic. However, make sure the conversation is two-sided.

 Look for shared hobbies that will help you break the ice. The conversation will then begin. Inquire with friends or look over their page for hints.

 My friend, have faith and confidence in yourself! Confidence almost always triumphs over timidity. “Would you like to be my Valentine?” or “Would you like to go out on Valentine’s Day?”

Look Good, Feel Good

Dress to the nines to look good and feel good. This means dressing in a way that appeals to your taste while you’re in search of a potential partner. Avoid going too far from your typical wardrobe, but choose an outfit with prudence.

 You can also make sure that your personal hygiene is at its best. Make sure you have a good odor, and a fresh breath. On Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to smell awful.

 Remember to smile because this is the most beautiful accessory. You may even engage in a physical activity that could keep you fit and healthy at the same time. It will not only increase your fitness but also your confidence as you approach your Valentine. The goal is to show your sweetheart that you take care of yourself beyond appearances.


Above all, be yourself. Finding the proper Valentine is all about seeking beauty in others that is already within you. This way, you can choose wisely and later on determine if they are a good match for you. So, enjoy the search and reward yourself with the best date ever!

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