Are You Ready for Love? Check Out These Signs

Many people are in love with the idea of falling in love, but loving a person takes time, patience, and the commitment to grow as you go through all of Cupid’s learning process. That’s why before you jump into a romance with someone, it’s important to improve your relationship with the most significant person in your life: yourself!

After all, your perception and sense of peace with your inner self can impact other aspects in your life—be it career, interests, friends, family, and of course, love. To be able to give and take the love that people deserve, you need to be ready to go beyond your comfort zone and understand what it means to care for someone.

Signs You’re Ready to Go Into a Romantic Relationship

Sign #1: You Feel Complete With Yourself

When you’re in a healthy relationship with yourself, the desire to be in a romantic relationship with someone will come from a different place. Your love for other people and interest in falling in love will be more genuine, which can go a long way in empowering you to be more patient with others and with yourself.

Sign #2: You Don’t Wait for Others to Make You Happy

You have cultivated your love for yourself and you are happy with who you are. For this reason, you don’t have to seek happiness in other people. Instead, you seek happiness in your own life, which in turn allows you to be more open to love.

Sign #3: You Know Your Flaws and Understand That There’s Nothing Wrong With You

When you accept the fact that there will always be some things about you that will remain a work in progress, you learn to focus on the positive things that you can do instead. This is the key to your ability to love not just yourself, but all the people around you.

Sign #4: You’re Not Afraid To Walk Away

You’re no longer afraid to end things if the relationship isn’t working out as you expected. Instead of guilt-tripping yourself or using every excuse in the book to continue on a bad relationship, you will know when to let go of something that’s not working out. You are capable of looking at a situation rationally and deciding what’s best for you.

Sign #5: You’re Not Afraid to Ask for Help

Your willingness to ask for help sets the foundation of your ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable with another person. If you’re unwilling to admit that you need help, you’ll never be able to give yourself fully to another person.

Sign #6: You Are Willing to Change for the Better

You understand that growth and maturity go hand in hand. You’re willing to let go of your old self and develop into a better person. You know that this is the only way to avoid repeating your past mistakes. You are willing to face the unknown and embrace change.

After all, when you’re ready to work on your relationship with yourself, you are willing to change in order to be a better person. This willingness to make a change is what will allow you to have better spending time with a partner, because you’re willing to do the hard work to make it happen.

The Bottom Line: Why Loving Yourself is the First Step to Starting a Healthy Relationship With Someone Else

Love is a universal feeling. It takes many forms and can be expressed in so many ways. However, before you can truly love someone, you need to learn to love yourself first. When you are happy and confident in your own skin, you won’t need to depend on others to validate your existence.
Instead, you can give the purest form of love to the people around you. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone love and be loved—that’s why it’s important to build your relationship with yourself first.

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