7 Dating Terms You Should Know in 2022

Dating has become simpler today in terms of logistics, and that is all thanks to dating apps. While things may seem simple with technology, it still comes with its set of challenges. Besides not having non-verbal cues and not knowing the tone of your date’s message, there is also new vocabulary that you should be familiar with.

If you are new to the online dating world, perhaps knowing about these dating terminologies can help you in this journey.

1. “Hard-Balling”

“Hard-balling” is a term that refers to telling a person all of the things that you expect in a relationship even before you go out on a date. It’s a rising trend nowadays because people tend to be more upfront and intentional about their needs. Hard-balling an attempt to communicate the uncompromisable boundaries to avoid wasting each other’s time in the dating stage.

2. “Ghosting”

“Ghosting” is a term that refers to someone’s disappearance off of your radar without warning. It is a common occurrence on dating apps, where one person suddenly disappears after you’ve been on a few dates or after a person receives a message from someone that they are not interested in. Some people refer to ghosting as “the vanishing act.”

3. “Fast-Forwarding”

“Fast-forwarding” is a term used when someone you’re dating is moving things along too quickly. It can be a sign that someone is only using you for their gain. Whether it’s trying to shift things to the point of a physical relationship without getting to know you, or they are asking you to spend a lot of time together without taking things slow.

4. “Dateview”

When your date makes you feel like you are being interviewed through a series of questions asked, often without them sharing their answers as well.

5. “Breadcrumbing”

“Breadcrumbing” is a tactic that is used often by online daters. It is when someone sends you romantic hints and signals but shows no intention of committing. It’s equivalent to the act of “leading you on.”

6. “Swipe Right”

A “swipe right” is a term used when someone is interested in you and wants to take things to the next level, and you both swipe right on each other on the dating app. It means you both like each other and want to get to know one another better.

7. “Slow Fade”

“Slow fading” is a tactic that some online daters use to test you and see how serious you are about the relationship. They may begin to fade away from you without any explanation as a test. If someone does this to you, it can be very frustrating.


If you want to find love online, it is essential to keep your guard up. Be smart and follow these online dating terms when communicating online or on dating apps. If you put yourself in a vulnerable spot, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable or even dangerous position.

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