4 Top Things to Spruce Up Your Video Call Dating

There’s a good chance you’ve attempted video dating using your phone, tablet, or laptop if you’re determined to keep some physical distance while trying to date during this uncertain time. 

There are always ways to maximize virtual time, even though dialing your date and starting a conversation sounds rather simple. Continue reading for advice on how to be prepared for your upcoming video call dating time!

Establish the Scene

Unless you have just finished remodeling your home, your living room might not look like the TV set from your favorite talk show. There are suggestions. Nonetheless, that could enable you to maximize the available area.

If you’re having your video date on a laptop or tablet, choose a location that works well for the device and best portrays you and your house. Consider putting an elevated surface closer to where you’re sitting to obtain the greatest camera views. For this, a console or sofa table would be ideal.

Regarding moving furniture, consider using some feng shui principles in your selections to create the perfect mood and energy. Giving your date a tour of your house while you’re still dating will give them an idea of your distinctive style and attitude. 

Replace the artwork on the walls with pieces that will appear better in the video, bring your favorite nightstand and lamp into the room, and try to stay away from busy wallpaper or paint that is either too light or too dark on the walls. 

These issues are quickly and readily addressed, so restoring order will be simple.

If the lighting in your living space doesn’t have the desired effect, think about adding more floor or table lights. To get the ideal illumination, experiment with several lighting options.

Keep The Necessities Close By

You likely have a few items—set pieces or props for the artistically inclined—that will be used during the virtual date, depending on the type you have in mind. We firmly advise that before starting your video discussion, you have everything close at hand.

Viewing a movie together with your particular someone? Prepare the bucket of buttery paradise and pop the popcorn. 

Before you call, add the suggested movies to your queue if you’re streaming. Choosing a DVD or Blu-ray format? Ensure the movie is loaded and the appropriate TV mode is selected. Nobody likes to be held up as you fix a computer issue or burn the first Pop-Secret bag.

Dress Formally

Why wouldn’t you utilize this strategy while dating online because you do it so frequently when meeting people in person? Yes, the customary laws are in effect. Dress neatly, tastefully, and professionally. 

However, there are other video-centric rules to consider while choosing the appropriate attire in addition to the traditional clothing standards for dating.

Don a whole outfit. Don’t be that person on your online video call dating, especially during this quarantine, since we’ve all heard or seen stories about folks doing work conference calls while still in their jammies. 

If you need to get up and go to another room to obtain something, what happens? What if your date blatantly asks you whether you’re wearing pajamas? 

Do not let yourself get caught in your underpants! Also, according to the study, how you feel is directly correlated with your attractiveness.

Avoid using simple patterns like busy stripes or plaids. Every television wardrobe department adheres to this tried-and-true suggestion since the other looks aren’t quite appropriate for cameras. Choose solid hues which will pop out on camera and bring out your features and complexion.

Jewelry might make your clothes look nicer. Just be mindful while selecting your accessories not to go overboard. You don’t want the sound of your bracelets to make it difficult to hear the other person because your microphone undoubtedly has sensitive settings.

Understanding of Technology

Test out the tools you’ll utilize for your virtual date using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Every platform has its specific features and working style. Here are a few things to test out before the date, depending on the platform of your choice:

It would be fun to utilize filters! Try out some fun things you might do with your date by calling a buddy. We all need a good chuckle right now. Wearing cowboy hats, ethereal makeup or distorted features could appear ridiculous.

Learn how it works beforehand if you want to use the screen-sharing feature to show your date some photos you’ve uploaded to your laptop or a few websites that will generate conversation. Be prepared to move swiftly with those images and links, too!

Remember that certain platforms—specifically Zepeel—require a download if you’re new to this. Get ready!


To make your virtual date more pleasurable and memorable, you can do some actions. First, ensure you are both on the same page regarding expectations. Next, take the time to get to know each other through conversation. And lastly, don’t be afraid to have some fun and get creative with your date ideas! By following these tips, you’ll be sure to elevate your next video date on the best dating app and make a lasting impression.

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