3 Things Men Look for in a Women in a Video Date

Instead of asking why men aren’t interested in women, let’s ask the right question: What are men looking for in a long-term partner? Yes, men are visual creatures, and rank looks as a top trait, but the surprising truth is that physical attractiveness is just the tip of the iceberg. 

As a lady, you’ve got to have more to offer than a pretty face or a voluptuous figure, especially in an age where using a dating app with live video is the norm. Here are three answers to the question: What does the right man look for in a woman on a video date?


Some men will find you physically attractive, and that helps. It’s based on the earlier truth we stated that men are visual people.
However, attractiveness isn’t just based on looks, especially on a dating app with live video. Attraction includes your characteristics and intelligence. If you’re as hot as Scarlett Johannsen but don’t know a thing about current events or international trends, you’ll have a hard time making men like you for you.

Be yourself and make the best choices for your appearance and behavior. Just keep being the most attractive version of yourself that you can imagine, and you’ll see only good results.


Men need someone they can have a common ground with.

Each man has a deep interest in something that he “nerds out on” more than any other.

He talks about it like it’s the most essential thing in the world. Even shy men are comfortable talking to someone who understands their passion.

Find out what he is passionate about and talk with him about it; you’ll find that the quiet, aloof guy will open up if you ask him why he cares so much about his favorite subject.

It also helps him feel even closer to you if you pay attention and show interest in his favorite subject. As he opens up to you and explains why he feels such passion for that topic, he comes to feel like you understand him.

Please don’t ever fake this. Men can tell, even on a dating app with live video. They’re just too nice to point that out to you and won’t ever contact you again.

Video dating apps like Zepeel make it easier to find the right person. You can hop on a live video chat when you decide it’s the right time to meet face-to-face.


Of course, you can’t just listen to him and do what he says without expressing yourself – that’s ridiculous. What we mean is connecting with a guy on a more personal level so that he will want to bring your lives closer together. Guys bond with people they feel they can share anything with. They don’t grow close to someone and then open up like it’s some kind of an on-off switch. 

If you want to connect with him, make him feel closer to you, and encourage him to open up to you, then connect with him where he’s most happy and excited to share. When he sees that you’re listening and engaging with him about the things that he cares about, then he gets closer to you. 

And when you give him a chance to show you who he is instead of the “mask” that he wears for everyone else, he will truly love you for it. 

You absolutely cannot fake this either on a dating app with live video.

In Closing

Once you start paying attention to these three things men look for, you’ll notice them interested in your hobbies, personality, and entire being. It begins by asking the right question and looking deeper than the surface. The right man will look for a well-rounded woman with whom he can share his life with. Notice that, and you could end up with a guy who’s husband material in the long run.

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