3 Things You Should Do If Your Date Stood You Up

Dating can really be so fun. It’s a chance to meet new people, share new experiences, determine your compatibility with others, understand what you are looking for in life, and perhaps, find a partner to spend your life with. It’s all so exciting—especially the dressing up—but what if, by any chance, you get stood up?

Getting stood up can be an awkward situation and being caught in this spot can be quite difficult to navigate. How should you react? What should you do? Let us help you when you read this quick guide.

1. Relax and Don’t Jump to Conclusions


It can be easy to panic when your date is late and you’ll surely feel embarrassed. Yes, your emotions are valid and there’s nothing wrong with feeling your feelings if you think you’ve been or are about to be stood up.

Remember, everyone has bad days, and sometimes people just can’t push through with meeting dates they find on a dating chat software—often because of real life problems. There might be reasons why your date might have to put off your meeting, or maybe it’s just not meant to happen, which means you dodged a bullet, after all.

2. Enjoy the Night with Some Self-Care Activities


Just because you got stood up by your date doesn’t mean that the night is over. You can still have a great time even if you are alone. Start by enjoying a nice meal for yourself. If you are uncomfortable staying in the same place, you can pick out another restaurant—you can even call a friend to come with you and party the night away!

If you’re not in the mood to spend the night out, buy some ice cream and enjoy the rest of the evening with your favorite show on your favorite streaming site. You can ask the girls to come to your place so you can all have a ladies’ night. Do some pampering, play some fun games, or just spend time on some simple catching up.

Whichever way you choose to go, know that you are valid and you deserve love and attention. Choose something that would make you feel happy and comfortable after a disappointing moment. And, once you’re ready, open your heart to more opportunities and start finding new people to connect with!

3. Try Out Zepeel


There’s no question that the dating space has dramatically changed. What worked before may not necessarily work now, especially given the circumstances. You may then want to try new avenues for meeting new people, such as Zepeel.

Unlike other dating apps that only introduce you to people on a surface level, Zepeel lets you view video profiles that allow you to check out your potential match’s facial expressions and voice. You even get the chance to speak one on one prior to meeting up! This way, you know if you’re a good match right away, leading to more quality dates and less chances of getting stood up.

Final Thoughts

The dating game can be very unpredictable. Yes, there are times when you have to experience unfortunate incidents like being stood up, but the good times can outweigh the bad. Dust yourself off and try again—who knows, you might find your dream partner after you install this dating app.
If you’re looking to try something new, you should definitely check out Zepeel. Zepeel is a free video calling dating app that gives you an easy way to connect with people with the same interests, leading to higher quality dates. Find that someone special today and get started when you sign up at Zepeel!

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