How to Look Stunning and Flawless in Video Calls

The pandemic has made video conferencing one of the primary means of communication, whether for personal relationships, classes, or work. Even people who are dating depend on Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to keep their love stronger!

But doing these virtual meetings or dates can come with challenges, and one of them is that those cameras are not always flattering. Of course, you always want to look flawless for the other person on the call. However, because it’s somewhat different from how you would prepare for a date, you may be confused about what you should do before your video call. 

Zepeel, your number one free video calling dating app, has some tips for you:

Dress Right for the Camera


Whether it’s a meeting with your colleagues or a quick first date with someone you met on our awesome dating app, Zepeel, you have to dress right for it. You can dress down a bit from what you usually wear, but please don’t wear your PJs (unless it’s an official online pajama party). Also, consider that what looks good on you in person might not be flattering in the camera because of factors like reflections, shadows, refractions, your background, and others. It might be a good idea to do some test shots to be sure.

Pin Your Hair Back


You want to make sure that your face is bright and glowing on camera. Avoid wearing your hair down as it can cast shadows on your face that wouldn’t look too good on the screen. You should opt for a hairstyle that will take your hair out of your face, so there are no shadows. This will also help lessen how often you’d be playing with your hair, which can distract other people on the call. Remember that fidgeting comes across as feeling self-conscious or lacking confidence.

Make Sure the Background Is Tidy


No one likes to see a messy background during a video call because it can be distracting. As much as possible, keep your background tidy, and you might want to choose a spot where there’s a wall or a curtain behind you so there’s nothing else that would take away the other person’s attention from you.

Check Your Lighting


Even with flawless makeup and the most flattering clothes, you could look washed out, or you won’t even be properly visible if the lighting is not good. 

Improve the lighting in the room by opening up all the shades and allowing natural light to come into the room. Then, if possible, have the most prominent light source right in front of you because if it’s behind you, you’ll look shadowy. If you have a ring light, that’s even better. These are now available online, and some are pretty affordable, so you might want to get one, especially if you’re going to do virtual calls regularly. 

Also, remember that light coming from your computer screen can over highlight the face and make you look washed out, so reduce screen brightness and instead get your lighting from other sources.


These are just some of the ways you can look stunning in a video call. Whether it’s a business meeting or video call dating, when you find your match on Zepeel, it’s important that you always look your best and make sure that the person you’re talking to can focus on you alone. 

Zepeel is a free video chat dating app that offers a fun, reliable, and safe way to meet other single people. Because you connect through video messages and even meet via a live video call, you won’t worry about catfishing or other tricks some people do on other dating apps. Join Zepeel today and find a date or some new friends!

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