6 Video Tips to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out & Get More Matches

Thanks to modern technology, it’s a lot easier to go on dates today! There are now many dating apps you can download and connect with countless people worldwide looking for the same thing. 

On a dating app, you want to get as many matches as possible, which is why you need to consider what videos you put on your dating profile carefully. 

Here are some tips for improving your dating profile through the photos or videos you use:

1. Bathroom Selfies are a No-No


You might have taken a good photo or video of yourself in the bathroom, but you may want to save that for other platforms instead. A bathroom mirror selfie isn’t an excellent idea, as many people on dating apps find this undesirable. So, move along and choose something else.

2. Close-Up and Clear Videos of Yourself are a Big Yes


If you want to have more matches on a dating app, select close-ups and clear videos of yourself. People should see your face well! Also, remember, these people are not looking for blind dates; they want to see you first before they think about tapping the plus button! Look for a clear photo or video of yourself—a close-up one is a huge bonus.

3. Smiling Videos Always Win


You might be surprised that there are plenty of people on dating apps that add serious photos or videos to their profiles—trust us, even though the picture looks good, nothing beats a happy image. Most dating app users will likely send a message or tap the plus button at someone’s profile with a smiling photo or video. Don’t be afraid to show that beautiful smile!

4. Skip the Gym Clips


Okay, you have some good photos and clips of yourself at the gym where you’re either sweaty or ripped (or both.) That’s good—you worked hard for it, but those are not exactly suitable to be on your dating app profile.

5. Include Your Furry Buddies


Who doesn’t love pets, especially dogs or cats? In fact, some people go soft for them! Your furry pets can even help you get more matches on dating apps. Isn’t it just adorable to date someone who loves their pets? This is a sure win, so if you have good photos and videos of your pets, upload them to your dating profile!

6. Snippets of Your Travels are Always a Good Idea


Show people where you’ve been, and you’ll get more matches than you expect. Why? Many enjoy traveling, and having clips of yourself during your trips makes you more relatable, leading you to receive more matches before you know it.

Spruce Up That Dating Profile & Find the Person of Your Dreams

Dating apps are fun and exciting, but you also need to employ some strategies if you want them to succeed. Knowing the types of photos and videos you should use can go a long way. Who knows? You might get more dates, or even better, the right person for you! Zepeel allows users to create a compelling 30-second video to help you let your personality shine better!
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