5 Facts Everyone Should Know Before Downloading a Dating App

We’ve all had that moment where we check our App Store or Google Play for any apps that may seem interesting to try out. Dating apps are often marketed to many adults, which really does spark the idea of virtually getting to know others and potentially finding romance in the process. 

Although there may be much to learn about the mechanics of swiping through profiles and creating your own, there are also other things to learn about the nature of most of these apps. 

Dating digitally wouldn’t have to be such a culture shock to face if you read this through though. 

To prep yourself before you get on your profile and start talking to some people, here are some facts that can serve as a bit of a heads up about the e-dating experience:

1) Honesty Is the Best Policy


Catfishing, whether in terms of appearance, personality or story, is not the best practice. It’s understandable to get nervous on the dating apps, but lying to a potential partner right away doesn’t paint the best picture either. 

Even if your game plan is to take everyone else’s face and word with a grain of salt, strive to be completely honest in your profile. What you look like and how you speak will be a testament to your authenticity and attract people who would actually like you for you.

2) Ghosting Can Happen Sometimes


There are times when you meet someone and instantly click with them. Everything seems to be going well until the messages just abruptly stop. There’s no explanation, but the realization settles in: you have been ghosted. Try not to take it personally as they have their own reasons. 

Even if it seemed like it was going well, take ghosting as a sign that they’re no longer interested. It happens in dating, even if they don’t voice it out. Some find it a sign of relief, while others are bewildered. Get back on your feet and focus on other people instead.

3) It’s Best to Be Open with People


Some questions start pouring when getting to know someone. Plenty can be trivial and easy to answer, such as your favorite animal or whether you want to travel. However, topics that are more on the serious side, such as future plans and thoughts on marriage, can be tougher. Try to open up about what you think instead of just saying what the other person wants to hear.

4) Chatting Takes Effort


Getting a dating app and chatting with all sorts of people online can still take up a lot of time and effort from your side. It’s alright if you aren’t looking for anything super serious or dedicating an entire day to swiping right. If you’re looking for a personal connection though, put in the work and chat. Video dating apps can be better as you and a person can both be present for the talk.

5) Common Courtesy Is a Must

When downloading an app, people tend to be rude. The concept of ghosting has also been evident, but common courtesy is a must. If you don’t feel like talking with certain people anymore, let them know. If you want to talk with others, strike up a conversation and be kind to the people you face. There’s no charge to being kind.


Dating through the apps does have its own share of struggles compared to how it occurs in real life. Downloading them will be an official step in potentially finding a partner after all, so it’s best to be as well-informed as possible!
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