Are You Ghosting Your Online Dates? What You Should Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused plenty of disruptions to our daily lives. Businesses and activities relying on live events have experienced immense shifts. For example, the dating scene has become significantly different in the past year and a half. 

Singles are becoming more creative about meeting and mingling, replacing in-person dates with socially distanced ones. Video chat dating has altered several things about meeting new people. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten rid of rude tendencies like ghosting.

Getting Stood up Online Is Just as Bad


It’s awful if a date ghosts you in real life; anyone who’s experienced awkwardly sitting alone at a bar knows the feeling. You’re checking your texts compulsively, making sure the date, time, and location are correct and trying to shake off the nagging feeling that you’re foolish for getting stood up. However, getting stood up for a virtual meeting isn’t less awkward or painful. 

It’s also happening too often—just because a date isn’t happening in person doesn’t mean it’s not a serious plan. If you set up a Zepeel video chat or plan to chat at a specific date and time, you need to honor your commitment.

Online dating is more convenient for many people. There’s no need to make reservations at a restaurant, brave rush hour traffic, or find a cab home if you’re dating online. There is no need to worry about parking spots, and you can dress a little more casually than on an in-person date. Even if loungewear is acceptable, it’s no reason to be a slouch—you still need to make an effort to connect with people!

Why You Should Avoid Skipping on Dates Online


No-shows and last-minute cancellations are awful, whether online or in person. It’s a waste of someone’s time. Think about it—it’s very likely that they prepared for the date. They took a shower, did their hair and makeup, and ensured they look their best for you. Setting up a video chat meeting also requires a few minutes—you need to straighten up your space and find a quiet spot where roommates or pets won’t barge in on them.

What’s more, if a person hops on a call right after work, it’s not like your online date is the only thing on their evening agenda. They have other responsibilities, and a date flaking on them is the worst ending to a busy day. If you’re already nervous about dates, having someone skip on your video chat date will only make things worse.

What to Do If Skipping on a Date Is Unavoidable


If you’ve flaked on people in the past, you might be feeling a little defensive. Things come up, you might think—it’s unfair to paint people who don’t show up as villains. Work meetings indeed get rescheduled to a later time, or dentist’s appointments get moved. It’s okay—but you need to let your date know. A text or a message on the dating app would do. Tell them what happened and ask to reschedule. It won’t take two minutes, and your date will appreciate that you care enough to communicate with them.

If you’re interested in another relationship or decide that your date isn’t such an excellent match for you, don’t ghost them. You have to communicate that you won’t be making yourself available for the date. Be straight about it but also polite—always think about what the other person will feel.


When you make plans for an online meet-up, you have to follow through or inform your date that your plans have changed. It’s tricky dating in the current climate, so don’t make it even more taxing by wasting people’s time.
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