5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself on Dating Apps

Socialization among people has evolved. Previous generations met their friends in places such as school, work, or even hobby conventions. It still happens nowadays, but a bulk of socialization tends to take place online. You can be a part of a chat group or even a forum devoted to a single topic. 

Even dating has been taken up a notch. Gone are the days of meeting someone through a mutual friend, and dating apps are what’s hot. Using dating apps can be a double-edged sword, and it comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. 

There’s also a ton of disappointment that comes with using dating apps, such as failed matches and bland pickup lines. The bottom line is that people tend to sabotage themselves on dating apps, and the sad part is that they don’t know about it.

What are the ways that you can sabotage yourself on dating apps? Bear with us closely on this one because you’re going to have to read carefully to avoid doing these yourself.

#1 – Refusing to Message First

Refusing to message first during a match is essentially doing yourself a disservice. You’re taking away a chance to meet someone great, and not messaging the person can also give an impression on their part that you’re not interested in the first place, either.

Granted, the awkwardness will be there, but someone has to break the ice. If you’re confident with yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem. Take a giant leap of faith by giving them a compliment or a cheesy pickup line. What matters is you tried!

#2 – Giving Bland Introductions

By bland introductions, we mean dialogues like “Hey” or “What’s up?”. Ask yourself: do you want to be on the receiving end of such introductions? You likely don’t want to experience the same, so it’s essential to hit your match with intriguing introductions that could get a conversation going.

An example would be to look for anything interesting from your match’s profile. If you share any common interests, there’s a good chance! You already have a good conversation starter. If not, you can choose to share some surface-level information about yourself, such as your hobbies.

#3 – Revealing Too Much Information Too Soon

As mentioned above, you can share information about yourself, but be careful. While some people have no qualms about knowing deep, personal information regarding their matches, many more people don’t share that trait.

You’re trying to be outgoing but level it just enough so that your match won’t be uncomfortable. Don’t give too much information away at once, and keep things light.

If you have more tragic stories or experiences, set those aside too. You can let them out once you’re both comfortable with each other.

#4 – Swiping Under the Influence


It sounds funny, but it happens. When intoxicated, we tend to be rowdy and do things without thinking it through, which also happens in dating apps. While drunk, you might be swiping away like your rent is due, only to wake up the following day with a bad case of hangover and a ton of matches.

It’s even more painful if you talk to them while drunk because then you’re going to have to clear up everything. In short, you might have given someone a wrong impression of yourself.

#5 – Not Being Upfront


By not being upfront, we do not mean being upfront about what you want. Dating apps are an excellent way to find people who are the same as you in terms of what you like, but that doesn’t mean everyone on dating apps has the intention to date.

If you aren’t immediately upfront about your intentions, you’re set to fail. The importance of being upfront about what you want is to prevent you or someone else’s time from being wasted. Aside from that, it helps you remember your goals regarding why you’re on the dating app in the first place.


Dating apps are an excellent way to find valuable connections when it comes to romantic relationships. By avoiding the mistakes chronicled above, you’re sure to find a good relationship with other people through dating apps. If love doesn’t happen, we’re certain friendships will!
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