Things to Remember When Constructing Your Dating Profile

Even before the pandemic, dating has already gone digital. Online dating does have its ups and downs, as you can get to know other people well before you go and meet them. It pays off to have extreme patience and only head out for a date if you’re already sure about liking them.

Creating your dating profile is one thing you have to get out of the way first before you really dive into meeting new people and potential partners. Questions can start popping up about how much you want to say or whether an emoji is all you’ll want to leave, but don’t worry! We got you covered. Here’s a short and sweet guide about how you want to construct a dating profile.

Be Transparent


Everyone’s idea of dating is different. Some people are looking for someone to marry. Then there are lots searching for a quick hook-up, which isn’t recommendable in today’s climate without the right precautions. Regardless, it’s important to state what you’re looking for when you’re dating. You want to match with someone who has the same goals as you, after all.

Keep It Positive


Every person will have their own set of problems and baggage, but dating is about putting your best foot forward first. There’s a time and place for sharing something truly personal; try showing the positives for now. Talk about your interests or advocacies in such a way that would bring out who you are rather than discussing the people or topics that bring out the worst in you.

Avoid Laying Everything Out


Although there are definitely people who would read and listen to your whole profile, those people may think to themselves that there’s nothing left to discover about you. Dating should be getting to know one another instead of having your entire biography out in the open. Leave out some things that can still be talked about.

Share What You Want In Another


Incorporating the law of attraction philosophy into your mindset when dating and creating a profile can do wonders. Try to describe who you hope to match with. If you’re hoping to match with someone as job-oriented or psyched about traveling as you, put it out into the universe and manifest a future match just around the corner.

Sneak in a Conversation Starter


The goal of creating a dating profile is to get someone to talk to you and vice versa. Although a person has seen your profile and may even be interested in reaching out, they may not take the chance. They may be unsure about how they should approach messaging you. Give them that extra push and get the conversation started by dropping a few topic questions.

Have It Personable


Some dating profiles can be rather stagnant with just still photos and text. Although they can roughly convey your appearance and persona, it’s not as intimate as regular dating. Consider trying out Zepeel, which lets you create a dating profile via videos and enables you to be as personable as you’d like.


Taking these key tips should be able to lead you in constructing the perfect dating profile for you. Get quality matches by putting yourself out there rather than just getting a high quantity of swipes with nothing to show for it. 

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