5 Green Flags to Watch Out for In Online Dating Video Profiles

While technology has made dating infinitely easier, online dating isn’t as easy as it looks. Finding the right person in a digital sea of strangers can still be rather tricky. To make things easier, we here at Zepeel let our members create a compelling 30-second video so they can let their personalities shine. Unlike traditional online dating profiles, online dating video profiles make it easier for people to get a better feel of the person. With that being said, finding the right person can still be a little difficult. To help simplify things, we thought it would be useful to put together a list of things that you should look for when going through video profiles. If this is something that you’re interested in knowing more about, read on for five green flags to watch out for in online dating video profiles.

They’re Unique

While saying “hi” or “hello” is acceptable, it’s pretty boring. This is doubly true for video profiles as people can surely do better given the medium. Having a good opener is key when it comes to online dating videos. You’ll want to look for someone who spends extra time to come up with something funny and exciting.

They’re Clear With What They’re Looking For

You’ll want to look for someone who is transparent about what they want. If you know upfront what the other person is looking for, it is easy to decide if you’re looking for the same thing. It’s important to be clear about whether they are looking for something casual or whether they are looking for a serious relationship on online dating video profiles.

They’re Open to Meeting Up

Speaking of being transparent, you’ll also want to look for someone who is open to meeting up. Dating apps are meant to create new real-life connections with other people. The last thing you want is to talk to someone for weeks on end with no plans of ever meeting up. This is why it’s in your best interest to look for people who are vocal about their openness to meet up on their online dating video profile.

They’re Optimistic

It’s a glaring red flag when people go straight into the negatives. It is awkward to see a profile go immediately into the negatives: “No Cheaters!” “Not Looking For Drama!” But when the profile is filled with positivity, such as activities they love to do, how much they love their job, and that they have an open mind and are excited to date, it’s easier to become more comfortable with that person.

They Talk About Their Interests

A well-thought-out online video profile should include things like a person’s interests, their job, their zodiac sign, music that they’re into, and their hobbies. Remember, online dating video profiles are meant to help you meet people, and having a little bit of knowledge prior to exchanging pleasantries makes the dating process significantly easier.


Hopefully, this article makes online dating easier for you. While things may still be daunting, knowing what to look for should simplify the entire process.  Be sure to be on the lookout for the things we’ve mentioned above as it will help you determine whether potential dating prospects are good or not.

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