How Has Online Dating Changed Over Time?

Love is still very much relevant today! Regardless of the advancement in technology, shifting mindsets, and changes in attitudes, one fact has remained true for centuries—people want to find love. Romance may not be the ultimate goal in every person’s life, but it’s undoubtedly one of the primary things everyone wishes to seek.

Dating in the Modern World

However, while the concept of love has stood the test of time, the means of finding it has significantly evolved, especially in the past few decades. The internet has become a major source of meeting new people, making friends, and building relationships. 

Online dating sites and apps have given people the opportunity to meet, interact and find love online! For example, the dating app Zepeel provides a gamified process of finding the one—it allows you to get to know potential matches by hearing their voices, seeing their facial expressions before you decide to meet up.

The best part about using a platform like Zepeel is that it allows you to know what you want, as your preferences can be adjusted to your needs. This can save a lot of time and heartbreaks!

But, while dating apps are fun to use, have you ever wondered how society reached this new era of dating?

The Evolution of Online Dating

Online dating didn’t always exist—it has grown over the years, as society has progressed. However, although the dawn of the internet forever changed the game of dating, it did not happen suddenly. 

Thanks to specific key milestones in the past few decades, dating has become what society is familiar with today. Here’s a look at the events and trends that influenced modern dating:

The 1970s – Personal Ads

The first notable precursor to online dating is the personal ad. Personal ads were predominantly found in newspapers, where people looking for romance could place an ad and wait for someone to respond!

However, with the limitations of personal ads, it was not the most effective method of finding love.

The 1980s – Print Club/Swingers Clubs

With the 1980s came the introduction of clubs that matched people looking for relationships. These clubs were called “Print” clubs, which are similar to the clubs of today. However, the main difference was they did not exist online; they existed in physical spaces.

The 1990s – First Online Dating Sites

The first internet dating sites emerged during the 1990s, as the internet became a household commodity. Sites were created to find love online through chat rooms and email.

The problem with these sites was that they were very basic, not diverse, and did not suit the needs of every person.

The 2000s – Social Networks

everyone on the planet was on a dating site. This was because of the frequent use of social networks. Social networks provided a platform for people to connect and allowed for people to display their identity.

This was revolutionary for many reasons, but the main reason was that it provided a platform for people to interact with one another without the need for a dating site.

The 2010s – Zepeel and other Dating Apps

With the rise of social media, dating apps were created to further advancements in the way people found love. By installing dating apps, you can see whoever checks your criteria without leaving your room! 

With live video call dating apps like Zepeel, you can meet people you like through your phone and determine whether or not you have any chemistry.


How people find love today is vastly different than before! Between the advancements in technology to social media and dating apps, it’s relatively easy to find a date. 

The best part about the evolution of finding love is that it has not stopped yet. Society is always looking for ways to enhance their experiences, whether on a dating app, social network, or in the real world. The quest for love is noble, and it’s incredible that we have the technology to make it better.

Have a better chance of finding love with one of the best dating apps today, Zepeel! As the first live video call dating app, Zepeel makes it easy for you to connect with other amazing members for high-quality dates. Install the app today from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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