Yes, Honesty is the Best Policy—Even in Video Dating

We are now living in a modern world where communicating is easier than ever. This means you can look for casual dating arrangements, long-term relationships, and meet new people with a free video chat dating app you can easily install and use in an instant. However, many people do not take dating apps seriously, and some who use them are not honest with their virtual connections. 

People might not want to be honest in dating apps because they are afraid of rejection and prefer hiding their true selves. Honesty will make you feel vulnerable in competitive places like dating apps, but it’s the only way to get what you truly want. 

As you read this article, you will learn the importance of honesty in dating apps. Here are four reasons you need to be honest when video dating:

1. Honesty Builds Trust and Intimacy

Trust and intimacy are essential elements of a healthy relationship. After all, you would not want to engage in a relationship with a person who maintains deep secrets. One way of showing your partner that they are special is by revealing parts of yourself you keep hidden. Being honest means that your partner is part of your life and plans. Showing your true identity through a live video chat dating app could be the first step of being honest.

2. Honesty Leads to Freedom

When you are honest in a relationship, you feel free just to be who you are. Working hard so that your partner will appreciate and accept you will not be a problem if you are honest from the start. You do not have to secretly wonder if your partner is already annoyed with you as you know they accept you for who you are. You are free to be yourself if you are in an honest, healthy relationship.

3. Honesty Builds the Foundations of the Relationship

Honesty is vital from the beginning as it builds a strong foundation essential for future matters relevant to an honest relationship. It will remove any worries about your next steps as you will feel a sense of security that you know you can trust your partner.

4. Honesty Means Respecting Each Other’s Time

People want different things from online dating apps. Some are just looking for casual flings, while some want to commit to long-term relationships. If both of you are honest, you will not waste each other’s time as you can freely ask what you want. 

Dating someone who only wants a fling while you are looking for a serious relationship is a total waste of time. While asking about marriage on the first date is a bad idea, you must establish what you are looking for from each other at some point.

After you find out that both of you are looking for different things, you may want to end the relationship early instead of wasting time with the wrong person. On the other hand, if your needs and wants match well enough, there is a high chance that you will manage the relationship to keep the love going.

Final Thoughts

Withholding the truth to protect your partner or your relationship and avoid conflict will ultimately make things worse. It might hurt in the beginning, but honesty is the best policy, especially in dating.

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