How To Tell If You Have Amazing Chemistry Over Video Chat

Distance can play a huge role in relationships. Whether you’re nurturing a long-distance relationship, practicing social distancing, or if you and your partner lead busy lives, getting to know someone from a distance may be a temporary option. Fortunately, the rise of digital platforms enables couples to keep the flame alive through video chat dating. 

After exchanging sweet messages and musings, and you feel that the timing is right, you might be ready to hop on a call to feel much closer to your partner. While a virtual face-to-face connection is convenient, some find it difficult to see if there is even chemistry flowing between them.

If you’re curious to know if you and your special someone are hitting it off, here are some telltale signs that say you have undeniable chemistry.

Sign #1: The Conversation Feels Easy, and It Isn’t Trailing

Anyone can tell when your signals aren’t in sync, so if you find yourself scrambling for words to fill in the silence and use meaningless conversation fillers, you might not be talking to the right person. 

However, if you two are hitting it off, dead air doesn’t exist in your conversation. And even when you talk about mundane topics, you’ll be surprised that your conversation will keep on going and in different directions, too—that’s great chemistry for you.

Sign #2: Conversations are Getting Deeper, and You’re Getting to Know Each Other

When you’re dating, you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you slowly tear down your walls and look for ways to get to know one another. You know you have good chemistry with the person you’re talking to if they allow themselves to open their book and share with you their past, future goals, fears, dreams, and other vulnerable stuff.  

At the end of the day, feeling like you’re not talking to a stranger is a great sign of fantastic and natural chemistry.

Sign #3: Initiating Contact is a Two-Way Street

When you’re excited to connect to your special someone alone, that could be a huge red flag. If both of you have chemistry, you and your partner will initiate contact.

Initiating regular video chat dates isn’t clingy if both parties are willing to hop on a call and are vocal about it. If both of you reach out regularly for quality time, that’s a good sign that you and your partner have amazing chemistry.

Sign #4: You Catch Them Smiling and Staring at You

Besides verbal affirmations, physical actions can also tell if the person you’re talking to is interested in you. Other than that, the way they look at you and react can also tell if there is chemistry brewing between you two. 

If you notice that they’re zoned in on you the entire time you’re talking, and they have a sparkle in their eyes and smile, there’s a good chance that they like you and that there is undeniable chemistry.

The Bottom Line: You Can Still Tell If You and Your Partner Have Chemistry Through Video Chat

Video chat dating is growing at a rapid pace, and many are curious about their dynamics in an online dating scene. Fortunately, you can tell when a person is interested in you by observing your video chats dates. Hopefully, the list above can shed some light on your chemistry woes and even improve your online dating game.

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