Dating Through Video Chat: How to Make a Stellar First Impression

Now that in-person socialization has been replaced by meeting and dating through video chats, it’s important to make good first impressions online. You might have to make sure your camera is at a right angle, the lighting is good, your background is clean, and more.

With that said, here are some tips to making good first impressions when dating through video chats:

Prepare Your Background

As you pop your phone or laptop to begin the date, it’s imperative that you’ve already cleared any distracting materials behind you. If your background is a blank wall or your neat living room, that’s cool, but if it’s a mess of things, that won’t make a good first impression.

Your conversation partner is likely to get distracted by whatever is going on in your background instead of focusing on your conversation. That just ruins your date. So, take the time to prepare your background before the date. 

Dating through video chat means you’re letting someone sneak a peek into your home and your life. Don’t give the impression that you’re a hoarder because of the clutter that’s everywhere. Instead, bring out items that represent you or your lifestyle and taste in decor.

Plan Your Angles

For sure, you’d want to avoid a poor angle that shows you in an unflattering light. You’ve probably been in video chats and team meetings where other people hold their devices below their faces, showing double chins, nose hairs, and other flaws. 

You don’t want that on your date. So, you can host a practice meeting and learn how you show up on the screen. It’s best to position your computer on a bit of a platform, so it’s at the right level for you.

If you have a desktop monitor, you can simply adjust the height of your chair to achieve the best angle shot. Once you’re satisfied, take a picture of it so you can remember and set it up just like that before the date begins. You can also do this trick when you create a profile video when you sign up to Zepeel!

Get Good Lighting

Good lighting is a critical part of making good first impressions through video chats. If the date happens during the day, open all your shutters and doors to maximize the natural light shining directly on you. It’s also best to position yourself near the end of the desk instead of scooting closer to the cabinets since it offers better lighting.

If it’s at night when natural lighting isn’t an option, your next best option is a light ring. Get the best one you can afford. The rule to light rings is that you’ll make a better first impression the better the light. 

You may also improvise your own light ring by getting a lamp and putting a white cloth over it, diffusing hot light from hitting your face directly. Just like angles, create a practice meeting to ensure you have the best lighting source. Do both night and day practice meetings, and you’re set to make a good impression every time.


Noting the littlest things in your video chat dating enables you to guarantee to make an excellent first impression. When you show up to the date with a neat background, killer lighting, and a flattering angle, you’re sure to impress your date in the first seven seconds.

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