Five Reasons Video Dating Is Right For You


Zepeel is an innovative new video dating app for Android and iOS that allows you to use video instead of photos and text. Zepeel has created an app you can use anytime, anywhere, you can upgrade with in-app purchases and it gives you a peace of mind that you are talking with real people. Learn what this app is all about so you can start dating the Zepeel way!

Video Profiles

Video profiles expand upon the old school dating app bio, catch phrase, and questionnaire. No one has time to read all the little details of someone they want to date. Plus, it is hard to understand what it means when profiles say, ā€œIā€™m an Aquarius, and I love dogs.ā€ Do they love big dogs or small dogs? Are they hyper-emotional or in love with the outdoors? You need to see that person talk in a video about who they are, what they want, and what their love life has been like. You even get to see a genuine smile in a video profile. You learn if someone is shy when they look away from the camera. You see every quirk from bubbly to serious and/or goofy.

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Video Messages

Video messages are an amazing feature contained within the app, and you do not need to give away any identifying information to send a video message. Send as many video messages as you like to your new friend through Zepeel so you can get comfortable with them. Some video messages might only be several seconds and some as long as 30 seconds, but you will learn a lot about this person in a short period of time. If you two are a match, you can go on a live video date (also contained within the app). If not, you can move on to someone new.

Live Video Dates

Dating has become more complicated than ever because you are so busy. You have work, friends, your pets, your family, and many other responsibilities that take away from your love life. Live video dates through Zepeel allow you to sit down (as it were) with your potential partner. Think of a video date as your best chance to get to know each other deeply, talk at-length about life, and decide if you would like a second date. Enjoy as many video dates as you want before meeting in-person.

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In-App Purchases

Zepeel gives you video profiles, video messages, and live video dates for free. You can make in-app purchases at any time to enrich your dating experience. You are welcome to use the app for free as long as you like, but in-app purchases allow you to unlock extra features that are very powerful and can save you a lot of precious time searching through the app.

Spend just $2.99 more if you would like to see all the connection requests that are coming to your account. Curiosity might lead you to examine every connection to find the perfect person. Spend $1.99 if you would like access to additional search filters that help you choose a mate based on height, body type and other interests. Everyone has preferences, and you can avoid profiles that simply do not suit your fancy.

Anyone with questions about their dating future should download Zepeel, record a video profile, and meet singles for a quick video date to see if there is a love connection. Consider an in-app purchase to unlock special features so Zepeel can help you find your perfect match!

Download the app and share your experience with us in the comments.




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