Make it Count: 5 Ways to Make Your Zepeel Profile Video Stand Out

Making a personalized video dating profile with Zepeel is easy, but how do you make yours different from everyone else’s? We’re here to help you make the perfect Zepeel video profile with 5 simple tips.

Be yourself

Being genuine is important when it comes to dating and it’s even more important when you’re creating your video bio that is going to be seen by your potential dream man or woman.

Your quirks, tone, sense of humor (and so much more) are all parts of who you are. Don’t be afraid to hide that. People tend to wear a mask when they are meeting someone new. Not a costume mask, but an emotional one. Sometimes, especially in dating, people pretend to be a certain way, or they pretend to be interested in certain things in hopes of impressing their date.  This creates unrealistic expectations and sets you up for failure.

Be honest

The hardest part about dating is how much things have changed in the past few years – it’s almost impossible to meet someone without using a dating app, but it’s also very difficult to meet someone who is being honest.

It’s important to be open about your dating expectations in your video. What are you looking for? Are you looking for a genuine relationship or are you here to make new friends? Paint a clear picture and let people know what you have to offer in a relationship.

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Is this your first time using a video dating app? Share that in your video. Be open about what you’re thinking, but don’t overshare – being too sexual right off the bat or talking about your personal problems is a turn off for most.

Show off your skills

Do you have an interesting talent or hobby? Talk about it! Do you collect PEZ dispensers? Show it in the video! Is your pet your best friend? Extra points for cute animals! Do you have a killer Sean Connery impersonation? Obviously, show the people what they want!

Making a video profile allows users to see your true self – no filter, no risk of seeing an old photo of you, just you. And you’re wonderful – remember that.

Have fun

Laughter is the best form of happiness! Nothing breaks the ice better than a joke. Just keep it PG (the cheesier the better). Showing your sense of humor is important in making your profile video stand out because it shows that you’re a normal human being who can make what might feel like an awkward situation a little more relaxed.

Video dating is a new avenue to meet people, there are going to be awkward moments when video chatting. However, having a good sense of humor in your profile video lets people know that you are here to have a good time and you are (probably) just as nervous as they are.

Dress to impress

Okay, so you’re not going to a job interview, but wearing something nice and looking presentable is important. Obviously, we don’t want you to go out and rent a tuxedo or formal gown for your video, but wearing clean, pressed clothes will likely make a good impression on the men and women who are viewing your profile.

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While pajama pants and dirty sweatshirts are cozy and totally acceptable forms of clothing in certain situations – this isn’t one of them. First impressions are important! And while a connection isn’t always based on physical attraction, it’s still nice to show people your best self (and it’ll make you feel good about yourself, too).

Hopefully these 5 tips gave you some guidance on what you should include in your Zepeel profile video. What do you think you should talk about in your video? Let us know in the comments.

Author Bio: Hartt Lang is a freelance content writer and Pennsylvania native who enjoys creating and designing. She earned a degree in journalism and media writing in 2014. She is a blogger, jewelry maker, and aspiring novelist who likes nature, reading, and live music.




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